Tummy Tuck Scars Are Worth It For Great Abs

Tummy Tuck Scars Are Worth It For Great Abs

July 24, 2015|Posted in: Html

You may be worried about your tummy tuck scars – what’s the point of undergoing such a major surgery if you can’t to show off your new abs because of an ugly scar? The scar is usually big, but there are a number of things you need to be aware of :

1. Ensure that prior to your tummy tuck surgery you have realistic expectations. Spend some time getting in the best shape you can before the tummy tuck procedure and don’t think of the tummy tuck as a ‘diet’ plan. It should only be thought of as a ‘finishing touch’ to tighten your skin and repair torn muscles, that no amount of exercise and/or diet can fix.

2. Many people subconsciously think after they look great everything else will be perfect in their life. Hello?! You may look great, which may make you feel great, but your life will still have it’s regular ups and downs. So watch out for these feelings that your abdominoplasty surgery will be your savior and the cure of all your ills. It will, hopefully, make you feel better – physically, mentally and emotionally, but it will only ever be a small part of the whole you.

3. The tummy tuck scar will be big – usually going from hip to hip, but the more skilled surgeons will ensure that the scar is so low below your bikini line that you will still look great in a skimpy 2 piece swimsuit. And, remember, the scar will fade significantly over time.

tummy tuck scars

4. Your skin type determines how long the scar takes to fade. Certain creams have been promoted as quickly reducing the redness of the scar, but ask your doctor before you buy any of these products.

5. You will probably be swollen and bruised for a number of weeks after the surgery. Your swollen belly will go down after several weeks, but until it does you will probably look bigger than before the surgery. Don’t let this upset you, it is only temporary. After a while the swelling will reduce and you will be left with a great new flat stomach.

6. Some people think that tummy tucks are temporary. Ask your doctor, but from my perspective, the only way to reverse the surgery is to put all the weight back on. So, please, be careful with your diet post-surgery.

So, take the time to get into shape by eating correctly and getting plenty of exercise. Then take a good honest look at yourself. If you can still not get rid of that excess skin and fat, it might be time to talk to a tummy tuck surgeon. Do not worry about the scars as they will be very low on your torso and will fade over time. You will be able to show off your hot new abs!