7 Pharmaceutical Grade Nootropics That Can Boost Your Brain

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Nootropics have fast become very popular and are now readily available in the market behind various brand names. Many professionals and managers are continuously using these pills to enhance memory, productivity, focus and attention among other brain functions. Reduced memory capacity and retention affect many people and while some experience such symptoms due to overworked brains, others are caused by illnesses and old age.


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Fortunately, there are a few ways of improving brain memory and functions such as memory and focus using supplements known as Nootropics which essentially affect neurotransmitters in the brain improving communication. Nonetheless, not all pharmaceutical grade Nootropics you come across will meet your unique requirements. It is important to keenly review any such product or supplement. Here are 7 pharmaceutical grade Nootropics that have been suggested for those who want to boost brain functions:




1. Phenibut

Phenibut-formulaThis is one of the popular nootropics readily available in the market and has been associated with reduced nervousness and anxiety. This is a legal nutritional supplement first discovered by the Soviet Union in the 60s. It is a GABA agonist but unlike others, Phenibut attaches to the GABA-B receptors rather than GABA-A receptors. It produces a relaxing effect that helps you to clear your mind, relax and focus on whatever you are doing. It has been said to provide the alpha feeling of being a boss and relaxes your brain giving you a good feeling without being sloppy like one under alcoholic effect. This nootropics has also been said to help people remember dates and assignments. 5 grams of phenibut is a good start although you can increase to 3.5 over time for better effect. It is important to be careful with this nootropic to avoid abuse since the sedative effect can form a habit. Nonetheless, there is no addiction cases reported thus far.


2. Noopept

Noopept-formulaNoopept is widely considered as the best nootropics in the market and has been used to improve cognitive abilities. It has several medical uses and has spurred interest among European countries. Essentially, noopept is a peptide type nootropics that increases the concentrations of NGF and BDNF-mRNA. It improves various mental functions and also provides the feel good sensation that clears brain fog allowing you to concentrate and focus. It also boosts body energy and alertness, containing 12 different natural nootropic ingredients that are known to improve immunity and body functions as well as boost memory and brain function. The benefits of this nootropic include improved moods, memory and cognition. It was initially formulated to treat the effects of drug and alcohol abuse since it helps with memory consolidation and retrieval. Rather than being sedative, nootropic helps ignite brain functions by improving the overall body functions and energy while still causing you to relax and ease the anxiety. Noopept is among the top recommended nootropics and has proven results for enhanced cognition and productivity.


3. Phenylpiracetam

Phenylpiracetam-formulaIf you have heard about the original nootropic piracetam, then phenylpiracetam will not be that new. It is a better modified version of the original nootropic and provides several benefits that range from improving learning capacity, cognitive skills and memory to increasing stamina, endurance and performance. The difference is a special phenyl molecule that makes this new nootropic up to 60 times better than the first. It was developed as part of the new nootropics back in the 1990s in Russia and stimulates various neurotransmitters including GABA, Acetylcholine, and NDMA. It has been shown to improve recalls and other memory functions. Other benefits include reducing motion sickness, attention switch disorders and increasing problem solving skills in asthenia patients. It is the ideal choice for productivity-obsessed entrepreneurs since it gets you motivated, inspired and strong in readiness for any activity. However, your priority should be finding top quality original products from the manufacturer and avoid online scams.


4. Huperzine A

Huperzine-A-formulaThis is a common ingredient in many other nootropic brands and is also considered one of the best natural nootropics independently. This herbal compound is derived from a plant known as Hurpezia Serrata and has several benefits for those who want to boost their brain functions and memory. Huperzine A has been suggested for treating Alzheimer’s disease and may one day become the ideal solution for age-related memory losses. Some of the benefits of this nootropic include enhanced, learning, neuroplasticity and memory as well as lucid dreaming and executive functions. It promotes the growth of neural stem cells within the hippocampus and has neural antioxidant effects. Huperzine A is by far the most trustworthy nootropics and has very limited side effects. Huperzine A is both relaxing and stimulating helping you get rid of fear and anxiety while offering the aggressiveness for productivity.


5. L-Theanine

L-Theanine-formulaWhen combined with coffee, L-Theanine makes one of the best natural nootropic you can hope for in the current market. This combination was originally determined by nature in the form of green tea leaves which have both the compounds. In fact, it is from research studies with green tea that revealed L-Theanine as a brain boosting nootropic. This compound has been known to increase dopamine and moods. It is also a natural boost for memory, focus and brain health. Other uses include reducing anxiety and stress. It is the perfect supplement for those who want to achieve relaxation without the sedative effects. It also has synergistic effects on human cognition when you use it together with caffeine in the form of coffee. It also improves sleep quality which is another important aspect when it comes to improving brain health and function. If you are looking for a nootropic to relax your anxiety, boost your immunity, improve your sleep and boost brain function, then L-Theanine is your ideal holistic approach.


6. Phenylethylamine

Phenethylamine-formulaNot many people know phenylethylamine (PEA) as a nootropic but its presence in the body is something that is popularly accepted. It is commonly known as a love drug and is the substance found in chocolate that makes your cocoa appealing. Studies have been made on the cognitive and brain boosting effects, and it was recently discovered that this effective drug can be used for improving brain function. The relationship between mood and brain power is something that nootropics pounce on and this compound is already known to boost moods. PEA is a natural neuroamine found in human and animal body as a derivative from amino acids. It functions as a neurotransmitter or neuromodulator. Phenylethylamine has also been associated with infatuation and sexual drive. Now you know why hot chocolate gets you going and productive every morning.


7. Synephrine

Synephrine-formulaSynephrine is yet another old name that has been available for ages. It is a naturally occurring alkaline molecule found in plants and animals in varying amounts. The discovery of synephrine is hard to trace although it can be dated back to 1920s where it had the name sympatol and was prescribed for respiratory problems and whooping cough. It recently gained popularity as a weight loss drug and has now spurred interests in the nootropics world. This natural compound is extracted from bitter oranges which has several benefits which may include cognitive abilities. However, there are no scientific studies on its cognitive potential and most of the purported messages are yet to be proven. Nonetheless, synephrine is a known old stimulant and Alpha 1 adrenergic-receptor which gets you active and psyched up. These are the main reasons it is suggested as a nootropic especially when combined with other compounds like caffeine.




There are many other pharmaceutical grade nootropics in the market and finding one should not be an overwhelming task. However, the demand for such products has lead to emergence of several cheap quality drugs falsely promoted as nootropics. It is therefore very important to keenly evaluate any product before you start using them. It is also advisable to seek professional medical attention from your physician to determine the ideal supplement for your body. Only use nootropics from credible licensed manufacturers and distributors who can guarantee genuine quality.


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