Enhancing The Mind Body Connection For Personal Growth

Enhancing The Mind Body Connection For Personal Growth

July 20, 2015|Posted in: Html

When it comes to personal growth strategies, there is no shortage of ideas that tend to get floated around. Of all the strategies that get talked about, the least popular one is probably fitness. More specifically, it’s using fitness to become a more productive person. That may sound a bit out there in terms of strategies, but I’ve seen it work in many lives, including my own.

Personally, I suffer from attention deficit disorder (ADD) and find sticking to tasks extremely difficult due to an inability to focus for long periods. It wasn’t until I took up fitness at a serious level that I was able to get a hold of my issues and really become a productive person. So, to help you all out, I’m going to outline some ways that fitness helps when it comes to being more productive and some easy to apply techniques to get started as well.

Why It Works

The reason fitness helps when it comes to productivity is really a two fold answer. The first part being that working out requires focus and attention. Now, I’m talking really working out and not just talking or hanging out with other gym goers while you go through the motions. This teaches your brain how to focus and also proves to yourself, in many ways, that you are able to focus intently. The other side of the answer is that working out releases endorphins that give you energy, confidence, and help reinforce positive feelings of accomplishment for doing something. All these things go a long way in not just getting in better shape, but also become a much more productive person.

Start Small

Hopefully, you’re motivated to start exercising, but the thing you must remember to do is start slow. I’ve known many people who decided to just jump in with no abandon, go grab some wrist wraps (speaking of, you can find a solid pair by clicking here), and start working out 5 days a week . If you don’t exercise at all, then it’s not a good idea to go from nothing to all out. Not only will you more than likely not keep up with it, but your body will react negatively and you’ll be miserable with sore muscles and fatigue. Not to mention, if you’re exercising to be more productive, you want to set yourself up for success and feelings of accomplishment. Jumping into 5 days a week workouts to only abandon them a few weeks later is not going to do that for you.

Mind/Body Connection

One of the things that fitness helps you do is establish a better mind and body connection. You’ll become more in tune with your body and know when you need rest and when you feel at your best. Simply knowing when your body operates at it’s peak potential goes a long way in helping you become a more productive person.

Stress Management

We all have stress and we all know that stress, among other things, can be a productivity killer. Consistently working out helps to relieve stress and take out frustrations that you would not likely be able to relieve without it. I mean, in what other setting can you punch something, throw weights around, and be in an environment where aggression is not looked down upon? Treat your workouts as therapy sessions to help you rid your body of stress while also helping you be a much more productive human being. Not to mention, you’ll also be a healthier one.